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Hi everyone,

I would imagine almost all of you have been investing in some way for retirement and your golden years. Have you thought of your portfolio for your quality of life when you start to draw from your investments? How is your health investment performing?

2020 tooks its toll on many of us, but even more than monetarily, it has cost us substantial penalties for early withdrawals. No, I haven't lost my mind-yet. I want you to think about your "health" retirement like you do your IRA, 401K, etc.

How can we invest in our health retirement fund? We add value to our funds by making healthy choices. Try making 2 columns on paper, one for deposits and one for withdrawals. Examples of deposits include eating proteins, healhty fats, fruits/vegetables, getting daily movement and restful sleep, supplementing with vitamin D3, C, and zinc, and managing your stress in healthy ways like prayer, exercise, yoga, meditation, laughter, spending time with family and friends, and CHIROPRACTIC CARE.

Examples for your withdrawal column include eating sugar and junk/fast food, smoking, drinking alcohol and/or sugary beverages, consuming artificial sweeteners, avoiding exercise/movement, living in fear and with anxiety, avoiding the outdoors/summer sunshine, social relationships, using medications or other chemicals/drugs for pain/stress, and avoiding regular CHIROPRACTIC CARE.

Other examples of withdrawals are injuries from falls, accidents, work-related activities, loss of a loved one, loss of income, inability to pursue/complete education, or long term isolation.

So how are you doing? Are you healthy-wealthy or going bankrupt? When you start to look at it this way, suddenly a chiropractic appointment, a massage, a health club membership, or shopping the perimeter of the grocery store are no longer expenses- they are now investments. The more you invest, the better your quality of life will be when you are ready to retire. Make your list, change your thinking, and be sure to put regular CHIROPRACTIC adjustments at the top of your deposit column.

Remember, we offer affordable maintenance/wellness chiropractic packages for your health retirement deposits. Give us a call at 763-427-0820 for details.

The COVID "vaccines" from Pfizer and Moderna have arrived in Minnesota. These "vaccines" have not gone through the standard phases of testing prior to being granted licensure by the FDA. Instead of licensure, the FDA granted EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, which allowed Pfizer and Moderna to begin dispursing the injection without extensive and long term research and testing. The important thing to understand with EUA, is that no one, not government, schools, or employers, can legally force you to be injected. Please do your research on EUA so you are informed and understand that you have a choice whether to get injected or not. 

Who do you know with stress, pain, and less than optimal health? Please pass this newsletter on to others so we can help more people to stay invested. Chances are, someone told you about the benefits of chiropractic care before you decided to begin your journey towards better health. Have you shared your knowledge of what chiropractic care can do with others who may not understand or have awareness? Please refer your friends and family so they can experience what you have.

We are locked in the worst time of winter when it is virtually impossible to manufacture your own vitamin D so keep taking your vitamin D3 and read this hopeful article, The Truth about Vitamin D.

Happy February and Valentine's Day. 


Dr. Tracy


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Orthotic Footwear






Author: Tracy Andrews
Source: Foot Levelers

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Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act Means Chiropractic Care Just Got More Affordable

On January 13, 2021, Congress passed the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, something that levels the financial playing field in the insurance industry, including the affordability of chiropractic care.

"The American Chiropractic Association advocated for this important change for many years. The passage of this bill is an essential step toward increasing competition in health insurance markets and lowering prices for consumers," said ACA President Robert C. Jones, DC.

Previously, insurance companies were considered exempt from federal antitrust laws. Said laws served the purpose of eliminating monopolies and fostering a competitive market. Insurance companies have been able to establish monopolized territories and cherrypick what healthcare services they decide to cover, including chiropractic.

The American Chiropractic Association explains in their article that, "It levels the playing field between a doctor and a health insurance company. Doctors have long been subject to federal antitrust scrutiny… Health insurance companies […] have been free to exchange among themselves suggested price information, terms of service and criteria for the reimbursement of doctors of chiropractic.

"They also have been free to obtain and utilize reimbursement criteria from various 'medical consultants' who often are direct competitors of doctors of chiropractic and have anticompetitive intent. With certain limited exceptions, this ability of insurance companies now ends with the elimination of the ‘business of insurance’ exemption to the federal antitrust laws."

The Act has finally been signed into law after years and years of being struck down by previous legislations. There are mixed reactions to the new law. The bottom line is that it means change in the insurance industry, and potentially change in the cost of specialized healthcare.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: American Chiropractic Association. January 20, 2021.

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Whole Grains Benefit Blood Pressure

Consuming plentiful amounts of whole grain foods appears to ward off high blood pressure according to the latest research. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a new study found men with the largest consumption of whole grain foods (52 grams/day) were 19 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure as compared with men consuming just 3 grams of whole grains daily. The process of refining grains results in the removal of their outer coating making them more quickly absorbed by the body (and thus, potentially turning into body fat more easily) as well as removing many beneficial nutrients. Thus, when purchasing grain products, it’s better to choose whole grain foods as compared with refined foods. Another finding researchers noted was that men who consumed more whole grain foods also tended to gain less weight. Of course, everything in moderation.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, September 2009.

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Excess Protein - A Diabetic Risk

According to new research, individuals consuming excess protein, especially animal protein, are putting themselves at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Previous studies have also shown higher levels of protein intake, especially red meats and processed meats, to be tied to long-term diabetes risk. Approximately 26,000 individuals were included in the study who on average ate 90 grams of protein per day. Those individuals who consumed the most overall protein, approximately 111 grams per day, increased their odds of developing diabetes by 17% as compared with those who ate the least amount of protein daily - 72 grams. When evaluating specifically animal based protein, those who consumed the most were 22% more likely to become diabetic compared with those eating the least amount; 78 grams vs 36 grams, respectively. According to researchers, plant based protein was not linked to diabetes. In fact, plant based proteins such as nuts, whole grains and legumes have been associated with a lower incidence of diabetes in past studies. Researchers recommended minimizing red meat consumption to no more than twice per week and keeping poultry and fish consumption to no more than 4 times per week. They also recommended minimizing cheese and processed meats and avoiding the consumption of skimmed milk and yogurt on an everyday basis.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: Diabetes Care, online April 10, 2014.

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